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SafeCoin Cryptocurrency

SafeCoin is a proposed solution that is based on a well established and time tested Bitcoin algorithm and extends it to address issues of security and deflation.

MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet Leapfrogs Coinbase to Reach 1.5 Million Downloads

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Multibit bitcoin wallet not working at all /r/BitcoinBeginners

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A Complete Guide to the MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet

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MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet Leapfrogs Coinbase to Reach 1.5 Million Downloads

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Found an old Multibit Wallet. Please help

Hi all,

I recently found multiple old multibit bitcoin wallets. I have been trying to figure out how to access my old wallets. It looks like the multibit website is now Shapeshift.
What bitcoin wallet software supports the .wallet files?
Thanks in advance!
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Need Help With An Old Multibit Classic Wallet (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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BTConity launch website - click and let's go to 150$ challenge

I'm the founder of BTConity and today I've a challenge for you.
For the launch of the website, BTCointy offers $150 to the fastest ...
Ready ? Let's go.
How to win ? - the game starts with a multibit bitcoin wallet : - search the password of .rar in the website (IT'S A WORD). - if you're first, send $150 bitcoin in your wallet. is all about spreading the bitcoin love! In our site you can get free bitcoins by claiming them as well as in our site you can see the most fun places where to spend bitcoins, invest bitcoins or buy something with bitcoins. Anything comes to mind drop us a line at info (at) btconity (dot) com.
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Found an old Multibit Wallet. Please help (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Understanding Bitcoin Properly

Bitcoin is a what you can call a new type of online currency, a crypt-currency. This crypts-currency was propose in the late 90's by a group known as cypherpunks who mainly discussed about cryptography and security and among them was, for a currency that would be totally anonymous and free from the control of large banks and governments. around the late 2008 this guy named "Satoshi Nakamoto" wrote a rocking paper describing this concept of a a P2P payment system that would use the concept discussed by the early cypherpunks.
If you don't know why some intelligent folks are excited about the Bitcoin concept, you should take the time to understand. Bitcoin is a new form of currency that is accepted worldwide and can never be debased by politicians trying to get re-elected or countries trying to pay off huge debts. In a world in which the value of paper money is constantly ravaged by inflation, that's a very attractive attribute. Also, the world is very much ready for a "global" currency. Bitcoin satisfies that need.
Bitcoins are like cash in that they aren't tied to your identity, and transactions made with Bitcoins are irreversible and untraceable. But they're like credits in a manner that they aren't physical. Bitcoins are a peer to peer system.
What Bitcoin allows you to do is to send money to people, make purchases, just like real cash, only difference is this is online. Bitcoin in most ways behave like hard cash . you can give it to person to person, you can loose it, and destroy it.
Well, Bitcoin address is different from any other address system you may have encountered before, A bitcoin address consists of two addresses the public address and the private address. Like the name suggests the public address is public and can be distributed to any one and every one without any fear. the private address is the one you keep very private and secret and dont even tell that to any one at all. You keep it so secret, that no one can access it.
A bitcoin address is a hash of a public portion of a public/private ECDSA keypair and they looks like this:- 1La9GFB8sNRko99jP2N5AMQYPvmsDoVbKb. Bitcoin is in its infancy, a free market currency whose price or value is determined by the demand and supply. A multitude of factors could in theory affect Bitcoin prices, nobody in the current scenario can conclude that only a few factors affect Bitcoin, I will try to explain only “a few” that have had a considerable impact on Bitcoin prices recently, many more may be yet to be known.
Like gold prices that fluctuate due to a variety of factors, some of the factors which have been observed till date are listed below:
Media Exposure
The initial growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and prices was attributed to media articles, familiarizing it to more people. The world’s supply of Bitcoins is essentially fixed, but because people in the media keep talking about it, demand keeps rising. This leads to higher prices—and as prices go up, people who currently hold Bitcoins develop greater and greater expectations for the currency. Today, the excitement around Bitcoin is still confined to a tiny segment of the population — technology aficionados, monetary idealists and speculators. The potential for exposure is large.
Eurozone Crisis
A direct correlation between the Cypress bailout and Bitcoin price was observed. Some of the investors in Europe moved their investments into Bitcoin around the time of the Cypress bailout. This resulted in a huge cash flow into the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Demand crisis: Like any currency, Bitcoin is traded on exchanges, Bitcoin holders hoard their stash, which further reduces supply, which in turn boosts the price and sparks yet more media attention—and the cycle continues till profit selling takes place like in any currency.
Fear of Govt intervention
There is nothing illegal about Bitcoin . Cash is as anonymous and not tied to identity. But could government grow increasingly interested in defending its paper-money monopoly? We've already seen hints of this. But because the market is already huge and global, there will be growing attempts to control it, tax it and regulate it.
Trading Exchange outages
Trading exchanges like MTgox which handles almost 70% of trade have seen trading halted due to DDos's, but such events are seen to be temporary and the a price fall due to a DDos is usually recovered when trading resumes to normal levels, leaving only a temporary effect. Smaller exchanges have been hacked due to insecure design of the sites . The interim crashes could be sharp and scary. The Bitcoin algorithm, system and framework itself is preternaturally sound. As with any new creation, there are glitches and vulnerabilities that still need to be worked out in trading exchanges.
Vendor acceptance
Bitcoins remain very much a niche payment method. In accepting the currency there is a small circle of large Internet companies’ participating in the system. Others include WordPress, which will sell you everything from Web hosting to CSS packages in exchange for Bitcoins. WikiLeaks and 4chan are part of a growing list of online organizations that accept Bitcoin donations. As vendor acceptance improves the value of Bitcoin as a currency improves.
Free market currency
Being in its infancy, Bitcoin will see wild price swings till it becomes established as a currency. The market is still in a price discovery stage and is expected to stabilize at a certain point, where its value and place as currency is usable in daily life.
You can use Bitcoins with people and business that accept Bitcoins. as a new currency there are not many brick and mortar stores that accept Bitcoins, but there are online services that may be purchased with Bitcoin. and like any new currency the growth is slow but then number of people and businesses accepting Bitcoin is increasing exponentially.
The Bitcoin algorithm was presented as a scientific paper and peer reviewed like any other scientific paper, the paper was widely accepted and is the sole fundamental of Bitcoin. The algorithm of Bitcoin has been designed so that it is resistant to quantum computers which have not been built as of yet.
All currencies are backed by gold or similar assets. Lets look at gold. What is gold backed by? What decides the value of gold? Demand and supply. What decides the value of Bitcoin? Demand and Supply.
Like gold the amount of Bitcoins is limited, only 21 million Bitcoins will be ever produced. The value of Bitcoin can be equated to how the value of gold is estimated. So the "fundamental" value of Bitcoin can only be estimated the same way the fundamental value of, gold can be estimated — which is guessing at what someone will be willing to pay for it at some time in the future. The whole premise of Bitcoin is that only a finite amount of it will ever be created. This is in stark contrast to standard currencies, the supply of which is continually increased.
Fiat paper currencies are a relic of a past age. It has proven to be a spectacular failure, giving rise to inflations and unending booms and busts. As technology progresses, markets look for an alternative. A single global digital currency is certainly in our future. Bitcoin is just the most successful example of that so far.
Bitcoin can be easily used for international transfers without paying commissions to third parts like banks and cutting down transaction times for bank wires from days to hours for a Bitcoin transaction.
It is always prudent on your part to view Bitcoins objectively and arrive at its value in your life. In my view, Bitcoin is the Internet, applied to Money. We need to remember that Bitcoin is not a stock, a company, or even a regular commodity. It is a technology. That technology is a payment system that is evolving into a real currency. Right now, its most spectacular use is in transferring funds from one person to another. It's as easy as sending a text message on a phone. We live in a digital age. We need a digital currency.
Using Bitcoin:
In order to use Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin Wallet is just like your wallet where you keep your money. Wallets come in the form of softwares and web wallets.
Software wallets are simply installed on your computer. With these standalone clients, you are responsible for protecting your money and doing backups. While using these wallets, you need to bewary as some viruses are designed to steal your wallet files and the hacker can easily eat up your Bitcoins. So, I don't suggest these.
However, some software wallets are also released for smartphones. In these types of wallets, there is no need to backup the files as all the data is stored in the servers.
Examples: Bitcoin Official Client, Multibit, Bitcoin Wallet (Mobile), etc.
Web Wallets are the best and easy to use. They are secure as the data is not stored in your computer, it is stored on secure servers. However, it is very important to choose a good provider. Recently, a Web-based Bitcoin Wallet provider, was hacked and the hacker stole everything. This resulted in loss of millions of dollars. I suggest you to choose Blockchain Wallet or Coinbase. CoinBase just raised $25 Million.
I'm using BlockChain wallet here:
  1. First fill out the form at
  2. After registering on BlockChain Wallet, login with your details.
  3. After logging you will see your Bitcoin address.
  4. This is your auto-generated Bitcoin address. You can use this to receive payments.
  5. if you are not satisfied with one address or need more. You can generate more addresses at "Receive Money" tab. First click on the "Receive Money" tab then click at "New Address" button.
How to earn:
  1. Purchase some Bitcoins at low prices and then sell them at high prices.
  2. Website Revenue: Earn from your website by adding non-annoying ads. These ads are very simple and clean. This is the way I earn Bitcoins. I'm talking about Anonymous-Ads -
  3. The other way is by using Bitcoin Faucet. But, these faucets are useless as the pay amount is very extreme low. You need to visit Faucets every hour and enter your address. They'll send you a payment in few hours.
Spending your Bitcoins is easy:
There are hundreds of retailers that accept Bitcoin. If you want a domain or hosting, go to
Here is a list of websites that accept Bitcoin: but there are many more available.
You should also join the Bitcoin Community at
If you liked this post. Please give it a +1 for my work. It will help me to write more on Bitcoin.
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Help! Bitcoin stuck in old Multibit Wallet!

I have been sitting on a coin for quite some time in a Multibit wallet. I learned today that the software is obsolete and I’m pretty sure I just lost .01 on a test transaction trying to move it to a Coinbase wallet. Is there anyone that can help me?
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Bitcoin Cash wallet for importing Multibit HD seed

Hi all,

I have some Bitcoins in my old Multibit HD wallet before the Bitcoin Cash fork.
I am wondering what is the best wallet for importing the Multibit HD seed to access my Bitcoin Cash?

Thanks in advance.
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I just paid ten dollars to send four Bitcoins from multibit to another wallet. This is unbelievably absurd.

I'm pretty much a bitcoin lifer, but this is seriously causing me to re think my investments. I've already diversified to 35% Alts, it's about to increase in a big way.
Edit: It was 2.45 actually. Even worse.
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Great Saturday :) Found my very first Bitcoin wallet on an old Multibit version from 2014 and had £80 in there at today’s rate.

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I have a 2013 multibit.wallet but don't know if I have anything in there. /r/Bitcoin

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Multibit replaces Bitcoin-Qt on the Choose Your Wallet page

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Multibit HD wallet not allowing me to send bitcoins.

I have enough balance in my account, but everytime I try to send a payment, it says I have insufficient funds.
Here's some screenshots to show what I mean:
As you can see from that screenshot, I have a bit over $20 in my wallet.
As you can see, I'm trying to send less bitcoins than what my current balance is:
However, when I try to send them, I get this error message:
I obviously have enough bitcoin to cover the fee, and it's saying i'm over 44,000 satoshi short. All the transactions that I have received are confirmed, with over 100+ confirmations, and yet it still won't let me send any money. I even tried sending $1 to a friend's wallet address and it told me I was short on money even then. This is sorta a time sensitive thing i'm working with, so I'd appreciate any help I can't. I'll be pissed if that $20 sits in my wallet unusable forever.
Also, just last night I sent $15 to another wallet and the transaction went through smoothly.
Thanks in advance for any help or insight anyone can give me!
Edit: I figured it out, they say the fee is 0.0001 BTC but I had to make it 0.0006 or more BTC for it to send. Now I'm like 30 cents short of what I need to purchase!
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I have a 2013 multibit.wallet but don't know if I have anything in there. /r/Bitcoin

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Can any Bitcoin wallet read a multibit.wallet file?

Can any Bitcoin wallet read a multibit.wallet file?
I keep getting the error message
could not load the wallet file error message was null
running version 0.5.18
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How to retrieve both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from old Multibit Classic wallet?

I still have funds in my Multibit Classic wallet, which does not use a seed phrase. Can someone give me a step by step guide on how to get my BTC in a newer wallet such as Electrum, while also retrieving the Bitcoin Cash? I searched everywhere for answers, and I found the following:
  1. Export Multibit Classic private keys.
  2. Import them into a new Electrum wallet. Or should I send the Bitcoins to a new (Electrum) wallet? Such that I don't have 2 interfaces for 1 account or something?
  3. From the new wallet, send all the BTC funds to yet another new wallet.
  4. Enter seed or password or something from old wallet into Electon Cash.
Is this correct? And what about seed phrases?
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I have some Bitcoin in an old Multibit Classic wallet that I want to transfer to Electrum. Will I get access to the Bitcoin Cash associated with the old wallet? Are there other forks that I lose?

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Help please. I had bitcoin in a multibit HD wallet before the fork, how can I access the BCC?

Question in the title. I have 4.65 BTC in the wallet as of now.
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Upgrading from old multibit to new wallet never confirmed after many days, bitcoins seemingly gone. Help would be really appreciated.

Hi there, slight newb with a quick question for the community here. I haven't accessed my bitcoins in a while and recently found that the old version of multibit I had been using was archived and that they recommended transferring your money to a newer wallet so I created a new one and decided to send all my BTC over to the new one in a single transaction. It was taking days and days for the transaction to get even 4 confirmations, but it never fully confirmed or got to the new address I sent it to.
You guessed it. The old wallet shows 0 BTC now. It's like my coins are stuck in limbo somewhere and I'm kind of concerned.
I used to be able to look up the unconfirmed transaction on block explorer, but now it's not pulling up anything. I thought this was a good thing because the transaction was never confirmed and assumed my money would simply be returned to my wallet, but it's still empty.
09 May 2017 16:53 Sent to (1JBFtXSEeVnTdo5XKri9qXrhtrjnevq66x) Amt -10.51086565 TxID df41394d97969141c70f88c4dabc31b43d6e0336500f871db2a751fda8086c80
I did some reading and I think I must have computed my fee too low when I sent it, since the old version of multibit didn't have dynamic fees as an option. After some troubleshooting online people recommended "Reset blockchain and transactions" in my old client and resynching with the network. I did that, and my recent unconfirmed transaction doesn't show up at all in my transaction log but my bitcoins aren't back and the wallet is empty. Any suggestions on how to get my bitcoins back or info on what I did wrong?
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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube Bitcoin TUTORIAL - How to get a wallet and your first bit ... Bitcoin Wallets: Core vs Multibit Multibit wallet download Setting up Bitcoin Wallet in

MultiBit is a secure, lightweight, and international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can use it to view the content of the wallet and the completed transactions. Empty Wallet. To send all your bitcoin to just one Bitcoin address, select "Manage wallet" and then select "Empty wallet". Enter the address you want to send all your Bitcoin to in the "Recipient" box (or use the dropdown to select a recipient from your contacts). Enter your wallet password and click "Next". MultiBit HD will then show a confirmation screen giving you a last chance to back out ... MultiBit is a popular Bitcoin wallet program that aims to combine fast startup times, a simplified feature set, and support for multiple languages.. Note: MultiBit is no longer supported.This post was written in 2014 and only slightly modified since then. It remains for those who may need to use MultiBit Classic, but should not be used by beginners. MultiBit makes setting up your bitcoin wallet fast and easy. After installation, a wizard guides you through the process of creating your wallet and its backup. MultiBit Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Service - Get your Bitcoin back! We can restore the funds held captive in your Multibit wallet. Multi-bit multi bit

[index] [7347] [12229] [49035] [10533] [5244] [25744] [11894] [29184] [18110] [50738]

[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide - YouTube

multibit wallet bestaat niet meer. Je kunt de private key invoeren in een electrum wallet. Kijk even naar de video die ik hieronder link. Als je electrum voo... made with ezvid, free download at In this video, I will share with you how to set up a bitcoin wallet using MultiBit as an example. Bitcoin Wallet: B... In this video, I talk about a much asked question, which wallet should I get the multibit or the bitcoin core version? Well my friend in this video I will explain just that and cover ... Setup Multibit-Wallet. Setup Coin-Desk account. Link your bank account. Buy Bit-Coin. Feb 12, 2015. --- Just a video of some basics I have an article on HubPages, called "BUYING YOUR FIRST BITS OF ...